Quick & Easy and OH So Cute, Cookie Flowers – Shannon’s View From Here

Today my youngest child graduated from Senior Kindergarten. Sob! Sniffle. Every age has its own milestones and accomplishments, it just seems like so many of them happened this year. There was the first invite to a boys party (her boyfriend no less!), first visit from the tooth fairy, first steps to reading and now graduating from kindergarten.

The school hosted a great little ceremony complete with songs written just for us parents. The principal noted that we are only at the beginning! Soon they will be graduating from grade 8, then high school then University!  I am sure it will all happen before I realize what the heck happened!

After the ceremony we were treated to some munchies. One of DDs teacher made cute cookie flowers that caught my eye right away. The cookie flowers were so sweet and seemed so easy to make…. I thought “Even I could do this!”.  This idea is so easy that it probably doesn’t require a tutorial. I will just lay it out as it is pretty obvious.

Things you will need:

Sandwich Cookies with Strawberry Center (or similar)
Spearmint Leaves Candies
Individual Pop Wrappers

Skewer two leaves then the cookie. TADA! I told you it was easy!

Make a bouquet for your teachers as a thank you!

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